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Telescope suitable for travel conditions

Small size, light weight

Travel with the telescope, is always need to be around, so small and light weight is very important. Unless professional enthusiasts, you need to choose large-caliber, large size telescope, the general tourists should choose small size, light weight telescope.

2 vision must be as broad as possible

Binoculars, small size, light weight, the inevitable telescope caliber will be small (telescope caliber directly determines the size and weight of the telescope). The general caliber is small, if the telescope design is not very clever, this compact pocket telescope, field of vision will be small. Telescope horizons is too small, the scope of tourism in the narrow view, it is very uncomfortable to use, and do not see the panorama. Traveling telescopes need to see the panorama as much as possible.

3. Sharpness as high as possible

Except travel, is to see the beauty. If the clarity of the telescope is not high, the beauty has become a ugly scene. A sharpness is not high telescope, travel time is better than without.

Another point, the travel telescopes are very small caliber, a little understanding of the telescope, people know that the size of the telescope directly affect the rate of light and brightness. Therefore, a telescope with a small caliber must require very good lenses and coatings, otherwise the effect can not meet the requirements.